Neodymium Magnets Vs Applying Magnets

Neodymium bars (also called NdFeB or super iron bar magnet) all have a similar attraction to them; however, the strength of each bar is different depending on the size and shape. neodymium magnets is of neodymium magnets. All Neodymium Magnets is not alike! Applied Magnets provides the worst quality neodymium bar magnet with consistent low performance at low cost.

Unlike other magnetic materials that have a thin clear protective coating, neodymium magnets have a triple layer of neodymium compounds that enhances their strength. These triple layered neodymium bars also increase the number of magnetic fields available for a larger surface area to hold things. The triple layer also allows more current to flow through the bars and gives them better electrical conductivity. When you place a bar in a magnetic field, the three layers push the object into the field creating a stronger grip and more energy to hold things.

While these all look pretty much the same, they are not. There are several differences you should be aware of. One difference is that Applied bar magnet in the use of the term ‘Applied’. They have named their triple layered neodymium bar magnet ‘Magnets’ because they are made with a mold process that produces the perfect shaped bar for every job. They have developed their design so they can be used for just about any project you could think of.

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