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Child Custody: Fighting for Your Children’s Future

Child CustodyIn February, the State Health Department released a preliminary data showing a 3% increase in divorces and marriage dissolutions from 2011. According to research, divorce cases have went up by 17 percent in New York since 2009. For many couples, going through a divorce is financially and emotionally devastating. As if settling properties and other fiscal matters isn’t enough, some couples also have to go through a difficult child custody case.

During a child custody case, a judge takes testimony from both parties and may give an order of custody on consent without going through a formal hearing. There are times, however, when the case is so complicated that it leads to resentment and childish fights. If you’re a parent who’s going through a custody battle, here are some things you can prepare to help you win the case:

Pictures and Videos

They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In a child custody case, photos and videos can show the kind of parent you are in the eyes of the court. You can use them to demonstrate your ability as a parent or illustrate to the court the kind of physical setting you can provide for your kids. Take pictures of your home and give extra attention to areas where your kids hang out, sleep, and eat. You may also take photos of your neighborhood.


Barton R. Resnicoff shares that journals show your abilities as a caregiver. Write down all the things that concern your kids, including your daily care routine and special events. Be careful of leaving out anything, as the other party may accuse you of “erasing” events just to help your case.

Letters of Reference

Getting other people to support your claims can help the court decide if you are fit to care for your children on your own. Think about asking for letters of reference from people who know your family, including your parents, babysitters, teachers, and neighbors.

In a child custody case, remember that it isn’t about you and your former spouse. Think about the future of your children. Will it be beneficial for them if you receive full custody or is shared custody a better option? Consider your circumstances and create a realistic course of action. This can speed up the process and provide a better outcome for all parties involved.

Flooring Ideas and Options for Bedroom

There are plenty of flooring options and ideas homeowners can use inside the bedroom. The choice depends on the look you want, the size of your bedroom, and your budget. Make sure to explore different flooring materials to get the best look for your bedroom.

Here’s a quick discussion on some flooring options that could work well in your bedroom:


Carpeted bedroomUse carpets if you want a feeling of softness and warmth in your bedroom. This can keep the room warm and quiet, and also acts as insulation against noise and the cold. If you have a considerably big budget, you can use soft or plush carpets. For durable styles, however, you can choose Berber, which is suitable for use inside the bedroom. About Floors n More and Better Homes and Gardens suggest learning about and picking the perfect padding for a solid foundation.


While hardwood floors aren’t as comfortable as carpet, they exude a sense of elegance and sophistication, making it an excellent choice for bedroom flooring. More than traditional elegance, hardwood floors also evoke a sleek and modern style. According to HGTV Remodels, wood is also a great choice for children’s bedrooms, as the floor will age with your child and won’t need quick replacement.


While tile is not commonly used as bedroom flooring, it could work well for some decorating styles and climates. If you plan to use a Mediterranean theme or live in warmer climates, tile as bedroom flooring may work. Tile is a fairly safe choice for the bedroom, as it is easy to clean.


This can be a great option for the bedroom, as it is extremely versatile. This allows you to imitate the look of any material or pattern. Vinyl can also be combined with padding to have the soft feel of carpet or have the look of natural stone or hardwood. If installed properly, vinyl floors can last up to 20 years.

Bedroom flooring is important and contributes to the atmosphere, comfort, and décor of your bedroom. Learn more about the style and materials and choose the best flooring option for your personal space.

Weight Loss and the Most Common Culprits Behind It

weight lossWhen strict diets and exhausting exercises cannot help you drop the extra pounds, there is a possibility that some of your daily habits are sabotaging your efforts. Weight loss involves several different aspects, and not very many are familiar with them all. Learn about some of the common reasons why you’re not losing excess pounds despite your efforts, and a few ways to boost your metabolism.

Too Much Healthy Food

Research suggests that thinking of your daily meals as a light choice causes your brain to produce more ghrelin. This makes you feel less full and slows down your metabolism. It is best to focus on the more indulgent parts of the meal, instead of overeating too much healthy foods to keep the ghrelin balanced. Choose healthy food and add in some hormone balance weight loss supplements.

Exercising a Lot

A French study suggests that exercising too much can cause you to eat more, as most people think an upcoming activity entitles them to a snack. Don’t overdo your exercises to avoid the temptation of a pre-workout snack. Exercise weekly and make sure to keep it balanced.

Sedentary Job and Lifestyle

Sitting for long hours stops your body from producing lipase or fat-inhibiting enzymes. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests standing and stretching every hour to boost your metabolism by 13 percent. Tapping your feet when seated or bouncing in the chair increases the calories burn by about 54 percent.

Lack of Water

Water is an important part of shedding pounds, as it can suppress the appetite. When you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys cannot work properly and your body turns to the liver for help. This causes the liver to work harder and the fat you consume is stored instead of burned. Drink the right amount of water to speed up weight loss and boost your metabolism.

Losing weight is not just about following a strict diet philosophy or workout. It is best to balance your meal choices and pay attention to your daily habits. You can consult your physician or a nutritionist to get more advice on losing weight the healthy way.

Painting Contractors: Creating Awesome Visual Appearance for Businesses

Building curbPeople have become extremely appearance conscious. This refers not only to their personal appearances, but also to how other things look. In fact, in terms of marketing, customers choose brands to buy from depending on how the company’s shop appears and how its product looks like. This is why businesses put great importance on creating a visually appealing shop to help them garner more customer attention.

Curb appeal is often one of the most overlooked factors when creating a great customer experience. Business owners should know better. After all, it only takes a split second for people to form an impression about a store. This impression often begins the first time they lay eyes on your shop’s door when driving by or pulling into your parking lot.

Visual Appearance Matters

A company’s appearance makes a big difference to the kind of reputation it builds from its clients. So, businesses have to make sure their shops are as presentable as possible. They can do this by having the shop painted by professional painting contractors.

Benefits of Painting

Painting contractors from Barker-Whittle say painting can bring two major benefits to any building. It gives the place a new life and adds to the aesthetics of the structure. In addition, painting a building increases its longevity. It can even transform the interiors of the office, making a small space seem big and low ceilings seem higher. It can create attractive illusions wherever needed.

Call the Professionals

How well the office building appears after painting depends largely on the colours chosen and the painting techniques used. If you wish to have your commercial space transformed, ask professionals to do the job for you. These painters, with their skill and experience, will be able to breathe a new life into even an old building. With a fresh coat of paint, they can make attractive wooden furniture and a great overall interior design.

Enjoying Your Australian Holiday in Cottesloe

If you are looking for accommodation in Cottesloe, then you will be most likely be spoilt for choice. This is because there are great accommodation choices available. These include numerous hotels, guest houses, youth hostels, resorts and beach cabins that offer comfortable facilities.

There are hotels with large beds and spacious rooms, which ensure added comfort. They come with additional benefits like outdoor or indoor swimming pools and free buffet breakfasts. The children will surely be entertained by the daily activities, like magic shows and games. This is one of the top reasons the place attracts many families to visit often.

For those who prefer the beach lifestyle, Cottesloe Beach is ideal for visiting. Cottesloe Beach offers surfing and swimming enthusiasts great opportunities to pursue their outdoor activities and the Cottesloe hotels allow extra beds in their rooms for additional sleepers. This is an added advantage, even though it comes for a minimal charge.

This is because of its ideal location close to the Swan River and to Perth CBD. Its neighbouring suburb called Peppermint Grove happens to be one of Australia’s prestigious addresses.

Noted accommodations authority Cottesloe Beach House Stays adds that the place gives tourists the opportunity of combining a village lifestyle and a relaxed vacation. You can shop or visit cafes by simply walking for a few minutes from your hotel or lodge. There are many old Victorian buildings that offer guests with accommodations. A few modern apartments even come with their own kitchens to prepare food.

Even century old villas are available for seasonal rent and their rose gardens and iron lacework are added attractions for those who prefer something with historical value. These options are ideal for back packers looking for a comfortable living arrangement while trekking.

The reasons Cottesloe is a great place to visit is that it is a great place to rejuvenate yourself through swimming, surfing, fishing, beach volleyball or just lazing around on the beach. Eateries abound and getting world class seafood or the best drinks on the beach is easy.

The area has developed so well as of late that getting hotel accommodation with all conveniences is just a click away. The next time you plan going away on a vacation, consider Cottesloe.

Understanding the Demand for Affordable Two-Storey Home Designs

Before, most people spent 40 percent more on buying homes. This caused a boom in the real estate industry, as more skilled labourers were in great demand for new home construction.  But, the eventual bust that followed with a faltering economy has led many banks to reduce the amount of equity values.  This led to the construction of more affordable two-storey properties.

Two storey houseTighter Lending

As banks have become stricter with their lending practices, there are also many delays in terms of availability of land. This has led to increasing pressure for property developers to cope with the demand. According to Novus Homes, this also made developers use land space more efficiently instead of grabbing more land to construct more home. In effect, the median block size has been reduced to accommodate more land stock.

When the block codes are reduced and the R codes not changed, the median50 percent site cover rule is implemented. This means homebuyers and property developers can only cover 50 percent of the existing block.

Maximising Space

For example, if the median size of a block is 500 sqm, you can construct a 200-sqm house. This is a decent size, as you can place four bedrooms and two baths with a two-car garage and even a couple of living spaces. But, how about those land areas that are 400 sqm and less? The most functional design choice is to build a two-storey home.

Working within the Budget

The value of a two-storey property is somewhere between 350,000 to 450,000 dollars.  To construct an affordable two-storey home, some design considerations need to be sacrificed. The overall size of the rooms will be reduced.  But, efficient use of space is implemented, so homeowners will still enjoy and appreciate their property.

Serving Spirits: Wine Etiquette Every Server Must Know

Etiquette is required everywhere. Although Australia is generally lax toward social rules, there are still conducts that you have to observe depending on the setting. Business dinner etiquette, for one, dictates where you should place your napkin and when you should take off your jacket.

In the restaurant service, there is a certain set of social rules to follow, too. For servers, the following are the etiquette you should know when serving wine.

WineUse a clean wine glass

Make sure that the glass you’re using is clean and odourless. Some sommeliers even recommend smelling the glass before use to avoid any residual smell that may affect the taste of the wine. When storing glasses from the dishwasher, keep the right side up to prevent chipping and trapping unwanted smells.

Never touch the glass

In casual settings, you can get away with tipping the glass, but in highly formal environments, you should never touch the glass or let the bottle tip it. Practise and master pouring wine onto a glass without touching it.

Observe the proper serving order

Normally, formal etiquette dictates that you have to serve the ladies first, followed by the gents, and finally the host. In stricter terms, you have to start with the oldest woman on the table, but this is no longer a very strict rule to follow. To be safe, start with the first lady closest to the right side of the host and rotate the service.

Pour the correct amount

According to the Australian Hotels Association (WA), the right amount of wine in a glass is at about half the size of the glass. Should you go overboard, never pass the 2/3 mark. This is to ensure that your customer has enough space to give the wine a swirl before they drink it. The act of swirling adds air molecules and lets the wine breathe, thus completing the experience. In wine tasting, the smell is just as important as the taste.

Never put ice in wine

The wine should be served at the right temperature; that is, 16-18°C for red and 14-16°C for white wine. It is wrong, however, to put ice in the glass just to achieve the right temperature. Servers should instead freeze some strawberries or blueberries and put those in the wine so that the glass remains presentable.

Observing proper etiquette is important, especially in formal dining settings. Learn these tricks and be a good server or sommelier worthy of respect amongst customers.

Military Divorce: A Different Kind of Separation

When it comes to divorce in the military, the rules are slightly different from what we usually encounter in a civilian divorce. Military lifestyle of long deployments and frequent moves make common divorce issues such as children and property division even more pronounced.

According to Affordable Divorce Center, both the spouses must obey existing military doctrine on the procedure. Among other things, they should know how the divorce papers are served. Moreover, there are federal statutes that oversee divorces in the armed forces. Each state also has its own rules that need to be followed.

Military man

Supervening Laws

There are state and federal laws that regulate divorce proceedings in the armed services. For example, there’s the USFSPA or the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act that tells how to calculate and divide military pension benefits between the couple. There is also the Service Members Civil Relief Act that offers soldiers a reprieve from divorce actions while they are still in active service. They are given up to sixty days once they have been discharged.

What is Needed

A military divorce may be filed in the state where the applicant is living or the state where the soldier is currently stationed while on active services. This is applicable even if neither spouse actually lives there. It can also be filed in the state where the soldier intends to live after he is discharged from service.

The Procedure

It is required that the soldier must personally receive the divorce documents. This can be a challenge, especially if he is stationed in another country or currently in a mission or combat duty role. The person serving the papers can be any military member who is in authority to give the documents. But, the soldier needs to provide his approval to be served in that capability.

Division of Property and Custody of Kids

When it comes to these aspects, it is usually the laws of the state that guide how to determine property division, child support, and visitation rights. The USFSPA allows the state to offer up to half of the soldier’s retired pay and up to sixty five percent to provide child support.

Taking Care of Your Furry Best Friend: What Every Pet Lover Should Know

Animals make for faithful and wonderful companions. Their faithfulness is one of their best traits. They also help their owners to remain healthy and physically active. But, like people, they also need proper care, vaccinations, and medical supervision to stay strong.

If not cared for adequately, they’ll get infected with different pathogens and infect other animals, even your children. Pregnant women, senior citizens and young children are the most vulnerable. So, it’s necessary to take good care of them and keep them healthy as you would with any family member.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds, as you’re dealing with creatures who can’t communicate their pain or discomfort through words. So, all new pets should be thoroughly examined by a qualified veterinarian, who might like to run a screening test for various diseases.

Girl playing with puppy

Proper Medical Care

Have them vaccinated on scheduled. Make sure that they’re clean and well groomed with trimmed nails and fur. Their feeding bowls and living area should also be cleaned regularly. Browse through online pet shops such as Shop4Pets, which stock up on all the necessities your pet may need. They even provide guidelines on how to make sure your pet stays healthy at home.

Control the ticks and the pests inside and outside the body of the dogs, cats, monkeys and other furry pets. Wash your hands thoroughly when in doubt. Take them for an annual medical checkup. If you own birds, clean their cages regularly. Don’t forget to wear gloves and a facemask while cleaning the bird’s droppings.

Proper Feeding

Feed them nutritious foods and don’t just give them leftovers. Also, don’t give them any chocolates or avocados. Use a separate bowl for them. Never allow the pet to drink from the toilet bowls, eat feces on the road, eat other dead animals or get access to the garbage.

If your pets aren’t eating as usual and feel listless, bring them to a veterinarian immediately and have them examined. All animals will stop eating and lose weight drastically when they’re sick. This is probably the nature’s way of letting humans know that they need attention.

Giving your pets attention will keep them healthy, and they’ll not infect you or your family. Owning a healthy animal will keep you feeling healthy and lively, too.

Fine Jewelry for Special Occasions: Looking for Top Jewelers

Buying pieces of jewelry is not the same as purchasing other items. Jewelry pieces are an investment because they don’t depreciate significantly over time, unlike other items. The value may even increase, especially if the type of jewelry is rare and of the finest quality. To achieve this, look for the right jeweler who will provide you the high quality gemstones and precious metals you need.

Most people purchase jewelry only a few times in their lives, and these often have the most emotional value. An engagement, a wedding, anniversaries and other milestones are some of the situations when people find themselves looking for quality jewelry. It is important to choose the right jeweler to celebrate these special moments. Marinelli Jewelers, one of the leading specialty jewelers in Long Island, offer the following guidelines to help you make the right choice:

Gold bracelet with a ruby


Jewelers are known by reputation. So, look for one that has a good track record in the industry. A jeweler’s reputation is usually spread by word of mouth. Satisfied customers will share the information and won’t hesitate to talk about their good experience with a particular jeweler. By doing this, you’re assured that what you’ll get are quality items of jewelry from a reputable brand.

Variety of Services

Look for a jeweler who offers a complete line of services for all your needs. A reputable jeweler has an in-house gemologist trained to know the different properties of precious and semi-precious stones. This person can assist you in selecting the right stone that fits your preference and budget. The jeweler should also offer a bench jeweler — a person skilled in repairing and resizing existing jewelry pieces. Choose a jeweler who can customize a design for you, if necessary.

When discussing your needs to a jeweler, try to feel if they’re listening to your suggestions or just pushing what they want, so you can order from existing items in their inventory. A good jeweler listens to their customers before providing any suggestions or recommendations.